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The Pagnanelli garden is a
romantic corner scented by an ancient Wisteria.

In this attractive garden a sophisticated lighting design enhances the beauty of the wisteria and the many Mediter-ranean plants which adorn this enchanting corner.

A wooden portico with large windows open up on a beautiful panoramic view of the lake, to be admired in all seasons including winter.

The garden area of Pagnanelli is ideal for important receptions. At New Year fireworks reflect on the lake creating a magical and unforgettable scene.

From the winter garden one has access to the Blue Room, a dining room furnished with refined elegance. Attention has been given to every small detail.


In Spring Pagnanelli organizes a special dinner composed of flowers. Flowers gathered from Marco Mariani's biological garden are the principal ingredients in a special menu cooked with the intention of enticing clients into tasting new and unusual flavours One of the specialities to be tried is fried wisteria. This event is a unique experience not to be missed.