Sophisticated, welcoming
and attention to every
little detail.

Pagnanelli is designed on different levels. The dining rooms are framed by its windows and terraces overlooking the lake. The style of Pagnanelli is the attention to every little detail, refined but original at the same time.

In the Blue Room one has the sensation of being at one with the lake especially in the evening when at dinner time candles are lit on every table creating a decidedly romantic atmosphere.

Pièce de resistance of Pagnanelli is the cellar, recently restored with a project intent on creating an area for events and special evenings.

For many visitors to Rome all of this is an experience not to be missed.


Marco Mariani,
is Art Director for Pagnanelli’s Image. He has designed the Wine Cellars, he has contributed with new ideas for the interiors, the terraces and garden. His floral decorations for the interiors are created by using only natural elements from his garden.