Ricevimenti Pagnanelli

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Century-long experience of Pagnanelli in cooking, hospitality, the family are all factors in deciding on Pagnanelli for a wedding of class.

The location is so romantic that there is no doubt it will leave a pleasant memory, whether it to be to celebrate a degree, a wedding, an anniversary, a communion party or a prestigious business luncheon.

An efficient and professional staff team in the dining room and in the kitchen will guarantee the success of the event. The different dining rooms are located on two floors. The rooms are surrounded by terraces and a garden with a breathtaking panorama of the lake.

Gabriele Mariani, Marketing & Agency Manager
Is in charge of public relations looking after our clients replying to numerous requests for information from all over Italy and the rest of the world. Exclusive menus appropriate for every type of occasion are especially studied by Gabriele .these are appreciated by the many travel agents with whom he works. For every type of reception, he studies a menu “to measure” whether it be for a party for a degree, business luncheon or a special wedding reception. He ensures that on every occasion cordiality and hospitality are of prime importance. Gabriele believes that these qualities should never be missing in a restaurant.

Via A. Gramsci, 4 - 00040 Castel Gandolfo (Roma)